Basket of Songs 9

Lēni Lūdzot - Gently Pleading

In this series, I have been posting pages from a hand written song book left to me by my father.  The book is titled Bakset of Songs: Let our Songs Ring out, Brussels Prisoner-of-War Camp December 1945It is also labeled with my father's initials J Č. Click on the following link : Basket of Songs to view the rest of the series.

Ilze, who has been doing an incredible job of translating the Letters from Latvia series has been kind enough to provide a translation of the song titles and a summary of the themes involved. The songs individually over the coming weeks and where I can, I will link to a performance of the melody. At this time, I won't be posting full translations for most of these songs -the Leters from Lativa series will be taking priority.

Song 9 in the book is titled: Lēni Lūdzot - Gently Pleading.

My heart is troubled, I wish my love was here to comfort me.

Page 8 of Basket of Songs - Brussels Prisoner-of-war camp, December 1945

A basic (google) translation of this song can be found at along with the original text. Again, no Youtube version. We need more Latvian singers to upload songs!!


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