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Win a “Latvians Abroad” Calendar!

Just a quick post today. One of the Latvian genealogy blogs that I follow has launched a competition! If you would like to win a 2013 calendar from the "Latvians Abroad - Museum and Research Centre" you can find details on   Discovering Latvian Roots . The competition requires you to "describe something passed down to you by your Latvian ancestors - be it a physical object, a song, a recipe, a photograph – that makes you feel connected to your Latvian heritage, and why". While they are probably not the oldest things passed down to me, I recalled two carved wooden plates that have been in our family since before I was born. I don't know exactly where they came from, they may have been carved in Australia for all I know but there is something about them that makes me think they are Latvian in style at the very least. You be the judge: One of two carved wooden plates past down to me from my father. I don't know who carved them, when or where. I'm