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This will just be a quick post to highlight a website that I found particularly interesting:

I'm not sure why but there seems to be two web addresses for this site so I will link the other one as well...

On their about page they say they stared in 2000 after finding an alarming "lack of material and information" about the soviet occupation of the Baltic states. They state that nearly a decade later " Individuals, organizations, and regimes continue to perpetuate misinformation rooted in Nazi and Soviet propaganda whether through ignorance or to serve their own purposes."

This is something that I have personally experienced while trying to find information on Latvia during WWII. A youtube search of "Latvia WW2" is instructive. One of the links is from a Russian (who will remain nameless so as not to promote links to misinformation) is so far removed from the facts that it con only be described as modern day Soviet propaganda! In Australia, it is hard to believe they anyone is still peddling such rubbish, but in the absence of factual information from Latvians it gets large exposure and promotes fiction to people who don't know any better.

On of the pages linked in the above website is a searchable list of people deported from Latvia during the occupations. I'm not sure how comprehensive it is but I have already found 8 Čirkšis on the site - more on that later!


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