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Coming to this space very shortly : The history of the Cirksis family. Of course it is only my branch of the Cirksis family but I will endeavour to find connections with family members all over the world.

While physical records deteriorate and are lost, it has been said that once information is uploaded to the net, it stays there. This website forms part of my research into my personal family tree and is intended to preserve the 'narrative' of the Cirksis family for future generations.

I will begin with some history on Latvia. I have several essays written by myself and by Janis Cirksis. The first ones I will post are on the history of Latvia and Janis' life story. I will also post essays and letters, written by family members, as a basis for understanding how they thought of the world at various times of their lives.

And now the disclaimer:

It is important to note that the ideas expressed in this blog are my own and are not associated in any way with any organisation that I might be or become affiliated with. Some of the ideas expressed here are not my own. I do not necessarily endorse or otherwise agree with everything that I post.


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